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Our extensive range of services

Our team includes experienced general practitioners, specialised practice nurses and other health professionals dedicated to meet your health care needs. 

General Practice

You Yangs Medical Clinic offers a wide range of general practice skills and experience. The culture of the practice is to coordinate care with the team at the practice, and with specialist medical and surgical teams both in private practice and in the public sector. We have a long history of respectful interaction with these services and we endeavour to streamline the often complex medical process for our patients. This practice has also been fortunate to have the responsibility for teaching and supervising doctors in the general practice training program. This brings new knowledge and skills to the practice and keeps the more experienced practitioners on their toes!





We have a very experienced physiotherapist. She is invaluable in treating and diagnosing  complex musculoskeletal problems.  She is able to devise treatment programs for patients and is committed to exploring and helping patients with self-management of their conditions.




Clinical Labs provide pathology collection services during office hours within the practice.  We have an excellent professional relationship with their experienced pathologists.  The same laboratory provides services to Barwon Health and to St John of God hospitals.  This ensures all medical practitioners involved in our patient’s care can review all of the patient’s pathology results.


Diabetes Education


Diabetes education is important in managing this chronic condition. Adjusting diet and activity are difficult tasks but vital for diabetic control and for the best outcomes. The diabetes educator also helps with initiation of insulin therapy when required.  Diabetes education can be part of a care plan which attracts Medicare funding.




Podiatry is available in the practice and is a very important part of chronic disease management especially for patients with diabetes or vascular disease.  Funding for this service is often part of a chronic disease care plan.  Podiatry is important for other medical and skeletal conditions.


Palliative Care


We are committed to providing quality tailored palliative care for our patients

Several doctors in this practice are part of the general practice palliative care group which is committed to increasing the quality of care for this important part of patients and their family’s lives.



Megan Perry is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) who is passionate about health, nutrition and helping people achieve the healthiest version of themselves.

Megan has completed a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (BSc Nut) at Victoria University and a Masters of Dietetics (Mdiet) at Deakin University. She is fully accredited with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).

Her special interest areas are:

  • Diabetes (Type 1, 2, Gestational & Pre-diabetes)
  • Non-judgemental approach to weight management
  • Chronic disease prevention and management
  • High cholesterol & high blood pressure management
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Pregnancy nutrition (pre, antenatal & post)
  • Irritable Bowel syndrome (including low FODMAPs diet)
  • Malnutrition & nutritional deficiencies
  • General healthy eating advice



Speech Pathology




Sexual Health & H.I.V

This practice has medical practitioners who are able to provide a full range of HIV treatment services.  This includes the prescription of anti-viral medication.


Drug & Alcohol Support


Practitioners in this clinic have extensive experience with the treatment of significant drug and alcohol issues. Opiate substitution (Suboxone and methadone)  treatment are available as required.



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