Please be advised that Covid-19 vaccine bookings are currently available to those who are eligible for the 2A rollout.  

1. Adults aged 50 years and over

2. Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander adults aged 18-49 years

3. Other critical and high risk workers 

4. Those elidgible who were not vaccinated in the previous rollout


Bookings can be made via phone to our clinic on 5282 2999. 

Appointments are available and are subject to change depending on vaccine stock.  Once we have clarified that you are elidgible in the 2A rollout, you will be required to fill out the Covid-19 Vaccine Consent Form. We can email the form to you to be filled out offsite, or we will ask you to come to the clinic to collect hardcopy forms.

Existing patients of the clinic are asked to bring their completed form with them to their vaccine appointment. New patients to the clinic are required to complete and return the form to our clinic via email or in person no later than 24 hours prior to your vaccination. This gives our clinic the opportunity to input your details onto the system. This will ensure that the Clinic runs as smooth as possible.

On vaccination day, we ask that you are prompt with your attendance to the clinic. The vaccines have a short shelf-life once they are opened, and we want to make certain that each dose is utilised with zero wastage.

Please note that the Covid-19 vaccine cannot be given if you have or you plan to have another vaccine administered 14-days either side of the first and second Covid-19 vaccine. 

If you are unwell prior to your vaccine time, PLEASE contact the clinic on 5282 2999 to reschedule.

If you are concerned that you might be infected by Coronavirus, we ask you NOT to present to the clinic initially but phone the public hotline 1800 675 398 to seek further advice or go to the link below to seek further advice

Message from our Doctors

We wish to let all our patients know that over this difficult time it is still very important to look after your general health. It is important that you still consult with your doctor as you normally would with regard to your general medical problems and concerns.

If you have concerns about making an appointment to see your doctor, then making an appointment for a Telehealth consultation may be an option for you in the first instance. You can then have an ‘over the phone’ consultation which may address all your needs. Your doctor can let you know if it would be best to come in to be seen in the clinic.

We are in this together and the health of our patients and staff are paramount at this time.

If you do have concerns, please contact us and one of our reception or nursing staff can answer your questions.

We are a practice for the whole community

Our team includes experienced general practitioners, specialised practice nurses and other health professionals dedicated to meet your health care needs.


Monday - Friday 08.30 am - 5.30 pm

Please note at this stage we have suspended our evening walk-in clinic 

- No referral necessary


All hours: Call reception on (03) 5282 2999

Emergency Call 000 for an Ambulance